Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carriage Horse at St. Stephen's Green

(please click to make it big!)

I now have total respect for the dude (or dudette) that invented the wheel! Or anyone that can paint them well...OMG! I spent an hour on that smaller wheel, and it's still not right! It was right, in pencil, once, then I inked it and screwed it all up! (Which I tend to do a lot)  Lol! Anyways...watercolor doesn't really do what I want on this paper...I guess because it's not white it makes everything a tad muddy...but oh well, I'm still pretty happy with this one.  It still took all day. I might have to take a few days off of the sketchbook and do some "serious" art, so my hubby starts taking my "stay at home artist" act seriously, though:P.  
A little factoid for you all...Carriage, as it is written on my pic, was actually written on the pavement...parking spots for horses!