Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Shaggy Pony

The Shaggy Pony 18" x 18" gallery wrapped canvas

This pony reminds me of Ireland...they have lots of beautiful, shaggy ponies...It inspired me to write a poem, which I haven't done in a long time, but I've been longing for the place lately...

O beautiful misty land of my dreams
I want to unfurl you agains my skin and breathe in your scent like a lover
I want to tangle my hands in the manes of your shaggy ponies 
and ride through your hills of heather
I long to dive from your cliffs and dance like a child
to the music of my ancestors.

This has to be the pony I dreamed of when I was a little girl. All messy mane and liquid eyes, multicoloured and fluffy...I fell in love with him all over again when I saw the photo, and I had to ask permission to paint him. The great reference photo was from Rapscallion...which would actually be a great name for this little guy...He looks like a rapscallion :)