Sunday, November 7, 2010

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

                                          We're Going on a Bear Hunt...sketchbook project

I've been busy doing other things for the last few days and feeling a bit guilty about not posting...I'm making some jewelry for the local arts and crafts fair...I'll post some pics later. But I thought I'd better sketch today, so this is what my "crunched for time" effort turned out between business emails, pizza making and such:)  The reference photo was from Amanda Cook Photography, she's a great children's photographer. Thanks Amanda! I was feeling too lazy and time challenged to sift through my own extensive photo library, and much to non-focused to sketch from life. Lol! One of those days...anyways...this image so reminded me of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, a book from Micheal Rosen, which was one of my kids' favorites. So I added the text in Photoshop...(YUP, i'm SUPER lazy today!), and thought I'd add a touch of pink, while i was at it.